Isotope .. is coming

Find bugs without writing tests

From the makers of Diffy

We know all production software needs to be well tested before it is shipped to users.
But let's face it - writing good tests and maintaining them is hard
At SN126, we feel it's time to get real
It's hard enough to think about the initial test setups, let alone think about test cases that exercise all possible code paths. The problem just explodes as you make changes to your system, because the cyclomatic complexity grows exponentially. Despite our best intentions, there's always something more urgent that decreases testing priorities. New features, productions fires. All those meetings we keep get invited to. We promise ourselves we'll focus on testing in the following weeks and create future tickets for ourselves - and then those tickets keep building a backlog heap.
And then the day comes, when you have a new member join your growing team! They look at the code and there a silent understanding between the two of you that to gain higher confidence in shipping changes to the current codebase, you need higher test coverage. Neither one of you wants to tackle this coverage problem, and you tell the young grasshopper this will be a good ramp up task. You silently apologize to them and promise yourself that you'll start cleaning those tickets from your backlog, but you end up adding another ticket.
In short, this failure is painfully frustrating, totally demoralizing and cripplingly expensive.
At SN126, we know there's a better way.
We know there's a way that fits in seamlessly with your day to day tasks and seek your attention only when required.
We know there's a way that can help you gain more confidence when shipping sensitive changes to your codebase.
And we know there's a way that cuts time and effort required on your end, while still delivering a great value, joy and most importantly time so you can spend it on tasks that are really rewarding to you.
For far too long, we've struggled with testing and its time to fix this broken industry - with tools that are smart and encourage good developer practices.
Right now we're building the future of testing .. And it's coming soon to SN126!

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